When it comes to calculating the cost of app development, 7be Software factors in the following:
  • 01 Complexity of the app:

    including and especially the number of features. Every agency knows that every individual feature has a cost, because each one involves a certain amount of work. Some features, of course, are easier to develop than others. Some, thanks to the platform it’s being developed on, start off with a template of some sort, thereby making it easier. Whereas others need to be designed and developed from scratch.

  • 02 Platform(s):

    Is one platform enough to start off with, or could it be cross-platform, or developed separately for two or more native platforms? How you go about this will increase the cost, and in cases where clients want apps developed for iOS and Android (and potentially others, such as Microsoft) the cost does increase.

  • 03 Design:

    Everyone knows how crucial design is when it comes to getting people to download and keep using apps. You need to invest in this. Especially if you are launching something either completely new, or you are competing against an incumbent that already has a large market share. You have to offer something better, different and that provides an enhanced user-experience. Design plays a key role in that.

A number of other factors can also influence the overall cost, including the following

App architecture. How complex is it? What’s involved, and how will this influence the time it will take to develop it? This includes factoring in the back-end infrastructure, and libraries and/or tools used during the development process, to achieve the best results possible for the client.

Data encryption: What data needs to be encrypted, how secure does it need to be, and where is it being stored and transmitted to?

Video or audio streaming: Will the app include any video or audio-based features?

How will the owners of the app update it? Do you need a CMS or web-based portal for this?

Will the app need to be integrated with a database, and if so, how will that be achieved?

For users/customers, would they benefit from logging into, or using as part of the login process (e.g. via Facebook or Google) third-party apps or an API? That will also increase the cost somewhat, but could be integral to providing the sort of service users will expect.

  • 01How complicated it is, and the number of features;

  • 02 Which platform it’s going to be developed on, and whether you need or want native or hybrid or cross-platform development;

  • 03Developing an app includes design, copy, and a wide range of skills required to create it;

  • 04You need a clear understanding of your users, what they need, the pain points this is solving;

  • 05Have a clear marketing and go-to-market plan before getting an app developed.

  • 06Be aware of potential hidden and ongoing costs;

  • 07Pick the right development team, one that is going to provide a cost-effective and efficient, quality-focused service.

  • 08Work with an agency that has the experience you need, happy customers, and positive reviews.

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App design: Why is this so important?

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Development work is a very complicated thing.

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