07 August

App design: Why is this so important?

People are so used to high-quality and easy-to-use apps that anything else gets deleted pretty quickly if something makes the experience difficult. And this comes entirely down to how an app is designed. Design is integral to development, and within this are layers of interconnected aspects that influences how an app is designed.

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10 August

How Calculate the Cost of App Development?

When it comes to calculating the cost of app development, 7be Software factors in the following:

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15 August

What Is Devops and How We Understand It?

You can find a lot of definitions for the “DevOps” term and most of them will be accurate because every IT company tries to implement the meaning in its own unique way. But according to Google’s 2019 Report, one can be affirmed out without any doubt – DevOps become a part of major companies all over the world.

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